Playing for Points

Happy Monday, Friends!

Checking back in with a quick post I’ve been meaning to share for a while: our favorite travel credit card (thus far) and all the perks and benefits we’re enjoying!
Almost a year ago now, in preparation for our big Europe trip, Rob and I made the choice to switch over to credit cards that earn points with every purchase, that we can apply towards travel. We did some initial research, and based mostly on the recommendations of friends, decided to go with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Our biggest selling points were:

*A 50,000 point bonus when you spend $4000 or more on the card in your first three months. Sounded like a lot at first, but we put all our Europe trip expenses, and basically every other expense on the card in our first few months, and met it no problem. This offer is still active for new card-holders.
*3x points on all travel: this includes basically ANY travel, even applying to things like Uber, Lyft, Spot Hero, the Chicago Parking app and more, which is great for a gal like me who drives everywhere in Chicago. AirBnb’s as well as regular hotels are included, which was great for us when we backpacked. We also had zero issues with international travel coding properly – when I went back through our statements after our trip, every bus fare, train ticket, etc, paid for with the card came back as 3x points.
*3x points on all dining: this applies to everything from a quick trip to Starbucks, to nice sit-down restaurants. Anytime we go to dinner with friends now, we’re much more likely to pick up the full bill and just have them throw us some cash, or Venmo, whatever…these bigger bills can make a huge impact in the long run in terms of how many points you can rack up!
*1x points on all other purchases: so every little thing counts.
*Built in travel insurance. Say you rent a car with the card: no need to buy an extra insurance plan because the card has you covered. Say you book a hotel room and you get there and they’ve overbooked: Chase will help you re-book nearby at no additional cost. We haven’t had to use these features yet, thankfully, but it gives us extra peace of mind.
*No foreign transaction fees: again, for our Europe trip, this was huge.
*Points are worth 50% more when you redeem them through the Chase travel portal. We’re still focusing on simply racking up the points for now, but this will definitely come in handy down the line.
*$100 Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit. Rob and I still have to apply for this. We kick ourselves every time we go to the airport and remember we haven’t applied yet…however! when we do we’ll have a credit, which is awesome.
*Complimentary access to 1000+ airport lounges – I just activated this today, and can’t wait for our next trip!

We did have a few hesitations as well:

*The card has an annual fee of $450. Sounds really pricey, yes, but the card ALSO has an annual travel credit of $300, so in actuality, you pay $150 per year.
*The application process was a bit of a pain initially: they were really particular about how you had to submit a couple of the materials like proof of address, etc.
All in all, we decided the pros far outweighed the cons, completed our application and got approved after a bit of back and forth. Our initial credit limit was larger than we anticipated too, which has been great for both our credit scores, seeing as even when we put larger purchases on the card, we were still utilizing just a small percentage of our limit.
Our experience with the card has been excellent so far.

A few additional perks and such we discovered:

*Great customer service. A couple small transportation purchases here in Chicago didn’t code as the 3x points for travel for some reason, and my phone call with Chase to get it resolved was super quick and painless. (Additionally, this is the only incident I’ve had in almost a year of owning the card, of anything coding improperly.)
*Super user-friendly online access to your statements, points earned, the Chase portal and more.
*More options to “shop through Chase”: rotating promotions, where different online retailers are worth extra points, a purchase through Groupon for example might be worth 4x points, Sephora might be 6x points, as long as you click the “shop through Chase” link. Especially great around the Holidays.
*Rotating cash-back incentives. Currently taking advantage of 10% cash back at Starbucks for example, so say I spend $10.00. I get 30 points (3x points for dining) AND get $1.00 refunded on my statement.
*Hotels booked through the Chase portal are often subject to additional upgrades, spa credits, dining credits, etc. We haven’t taken advantage of this one yet either, but can’t wait.
*Chase has increased our credit limit twice without us having to apply.

All in all we’re so glad we got this card, have earned just under 150,000 points in approximately 10 months, and are saving up with the hopes of being able to apply the points to an amazing multi-destination Honeymoon.

Our next step is to apply for another card that will compliment the CSR and allow us to stack even more points. We’ve been looking specifically at the Capital One Venture card, among a few others.

Do you have any recommendations? Any questions for us?

Comment below! XO, Katie

PSA: this post isn’t sponsored in any way. Chase was doing a refer-a-friend promotion that recently ended, so if any future similar promotions are offered, I’ll share a link here. For now, I’ll just share a link to’s review of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which includes links to additional customer reviews and more.





19 Goals in 2019

I rang in 2019 in on the job, in full feathers and lashes, holding hands with three of my beautiful gal pals, and as the confetti rained down we all looked at each other and had one of those sweet moments, where you know your brain is locking in a memory you’ll have forever.
It’s gonna be a great year you guys.
I’ve had a couple days to kick back, relax, and reflect, and I’ve finally finished up my 19 goals in 2019.
Some are easy, little things, some are already proving to be a challenge, but they’re all things I KNOW I’m fully capable of, and things that I know will make me a better me.
  1. No more clothing shopping (online shopping is a particular weakness of mine), unless it’s something I specifically need for a gig and cannot borrow, until my birthday on June 29th, at which point I’m treating myself to a shopping trip as a reward. I’ve always leaned on retail therapy for little pick-me-ups and therefore have way too many things I don’t wear, or even forget I have, and want to work towards a wardrobe I truly fully utilize.
  2. I’m giving up hard liquor for the month of January. I’m not a big drinker in general, and thus have never made it a point to cut back on my consumption, but do find that I lean towards cocktails over wine when I’m out, and that the added sugar and added calories when I eat bigger snacks to make sure I’m not “drinking on an empty stomach” all add up and take me farther from my fitness goals. I’m going to start with a month and possibly continue from there, seeing how I feel.
  3. Do more, think less. When I get caught in overwhelming “I am a sham, my career is a sham, what am I doing” spirals, I’m going to be more accountable about shaking myself out of these unhelpful thought patterns, whether that means going to yoga, writing in my blog, or just physically shaking it off, turning on some music, going for a walk…whatever it takes. 
  4. In the same vein: share more, scroll less. There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful networking and marketing tool, and that my career is supported by it. However, like so many of us, I often find myself endlessly scrolling, comparing, and settling into thoughts that don’t serve me at all. New game plan: share something cute, put the phone down, walk away, go LIVE the life I post about.
  5. Stretch EVERY DAY – with specific focus on my back and neck, to get back to a place where I feel whole in my body, and hopefully start to chip away at my recurring back injury.  I can do this.
  6. Support the arts more. My relationship with dance has been strained for a long time, and while I plan to work on that more as well, even when I’m not feeling emotionally ready to go to a dance class, I can still support my friends, go to shows, and stay involved in a community that has taught me so much, that I owe so much.
  7. Find the fun in dance again. I’m going to go out of my way to find classes that make me feel whole, happy and inspired again. That may mean starting from scratch and taking beginner classes, or taking with a new instructor, or at an ‘off the beaten path’ studio, but I’m going to find the love. It’s out there somewhere. 
  8. Keep a more organized planner. I swear by a paper planner, and this year is no exception, but I often find that as the year goes on, I write my appointments more haphazardly, cross things out, over-crowd the pages, and all of that really does make my weeks look more stressful and full than they are. I’m going to be more mindful about slowly writing things in my planner, keeping it neat, and keeping it inspiring and uplifting as the year goes on. 
  9. Tell my friends I love them more. 
  10. Spend more time with friends. Make an effort, and be the first to reach out.
  11. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, every morning, before consuming anything else. 
  12. Eat breakfast every day, before noon. Coffee doesn’t count. 
  13. Create a monthly budget and put at least $100 in savings every month. (I’m admittedly not a great saver, so I’m starting with a goal I think I can reach.)
  14. Get better quality sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day isn’t realistic for me, but I’m going to decide on an in-bed-at-the-latest time each day, and stick to it, turning off TV, phone, and any other distractions. I’m writing this blog post at 12:42am, so this one is a work in progress. *Insert shrug emoji.*
  15. Take care of what I have. Carwashes, taking nice things to the dry cleaners, keeping the house fresh. Little things to continue to remind myself how lucky I am, how abundant my world is, and that I don’t need any more. 
  16. Take pictures even when I don’t feel like it – when I feel out of shape, or think my makeup looks like crap – I’m going to document these moments anyways. Everything always looks better in hindsight, and the memories are precious.
  17. Demonstrate aerial tricks on BOTH sides equally when teaching. Balance is key.
  18. Track food in the My Fitness Pal app. I started doing this towards the end of 2018 but completely fell off during the holidays, which is okay!
  19. FOLD MY LAUNDRY AND PUT IT AWAY IN ACTUAL DRAWERS INSTEAD OF JUST LIVING OUT OF A LAUNDRY BASKET OF CLEAN CLOTHES 24/7. I am human…and I am a complete mess when it comes to this, BUT going back to goal number 1, less new clothes = less to organize. I got this.
That’s a wrap! I want to know some of your 2019 goals.
I really truly do. You don’t need 19…one or two will do.
Let me know in the comments below! XO, Katie

Planning a Pain-Free 2019

Hi Friends! Thanks so much for tuning back in.
I’m writing today’s post from the comforts of my couch, carefully propped up on an assortment of pillows and cushions, trying not to make any sudden movements.
The last 24 hours or so have been rough. I have a recurring back injury that causes sudden, stabbing, and radiating pain, and completely locks down the function of my neck. I can currently only look about 40 degrees to the left and sorta-sometimes down. Right and up are non-options. Yay! Fun fun!
The most frustrating part of this injury, aside from the fact that I don’t have a solid, clear diagnoses, is that it often flares up without warning, or any identifiable trigger. This time around, however, I completely wiped out in a hotel shower on a gig in WI, so my one silver lining in this scenario is that I can point to a likely catalyst.
Another frustrating aspect of this injury is that this type of pain is not something I can push through, no matter how stubborn I do pride myself on being. This injury presents itself with a pain so intense that deep breaths, crying (which I do a lot of), and really any movements slower than a snails pace, become impossible. I feel helpless and trapped in my body. 
I do promise this post is going somewhere…as much as I do appreciate you attending my pity party, let’s get to it:
What the hell do we do, when we feel entirely helpless?
Much of this post is therapeutic for me, logically talking myself down and into a better headspace, but I hope you can relate on some level too, and apply the right now, this week, and moving forward method to your own unique brand of crazy. 
*Right now* I can:
  1. Take time. I took the entire day off yesterday and am doing the same today. Despite the frustration and loss of income, I’m doing what I know I have to do. Last time it got this bad, I spent three days in bed on muscle relaxers and pain meds, so I have to honor that, and do what I don’t want to do: REST.
  2. Let go. And by let go, I simply mean “stop fighting what is”. I’m in pain. I’m angry. I have emotional baggage attached to this injury. I’m not in less pain because someone else has it worse, and I’m not weak because someone else would have pushed through and gone to work anyway, etc, etc.
  3. Reach out. Writing this blog post is part of that process for me. Leaning on my fiancé for help, letting employers know what’s going on, regardless of how I worry it may make me look, are all important parts of getting through this thing.
*This week* I can:
  1. Do as much as possible while couch-bound and/or moving slow. I’m not a big subscriber of “everything happens for a reason”, but I DO acknowledge that maybe I needed to be slowed down this week. I can use this time to get caught up on a lot of things I’ve been putting off, like taking more steps to get my business into motion, finally writing out our Christmas cards, etc.
  2. Be grateful that this isn’t happening at a time when I need to perform. My next big gig is on NYE and requires little to no dancing. I know I have time to heal and will heal.
  3. Set tangible steps in motion, to feel more in control in the future, see next steps:
*Moving forward* I can:
  1. Once the pain has subsided – put a standard back-care regimen in place and do it EVERY DAY, regardless of how I’m feeling. (I’m guilty of being like, “I feel great! I’m cured!” and totally neglecting proper day-to-day care.) A couple at-home ideas I’m going to implement are:
    1. Ice and/or heat after every workout.
    2. Foam rolling after every workout AND classes taught.
    3. Daily mild neck stretches.
    4. Acupressure relief mat to lay on while meditating.
  2. Continue to build consistency in my training routine. Aside from my fall, in the past month or so, I had gone from working out once or twice a week, to working out 5x a week, and changing up my workouts at the same time. I’m going to honor that maybe this change also triggered my flare-up, and am going to get back into my fitness routine with a more mindful approach. I.e. not working out when I’m exhausted and being okay with it.
  3. Continue to clean up my diet and eat in a way that fuels me, with the right balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. This means eating out less, tracking my food on the My Fitness Pal app, and monitoring my mindset to make sure my emotional relationship with food stays balanced and healthy.
  4. Work towards bigger goals like becoming CPT certified (a 2019 goal I hope to talk about more soon) and being assertive about finding a Doctor or team that will listen to the whole story and help me move closer to a solution. 
Alright, that’s a wrap for now! 
This post wasn’t planned – doesn’t come with any cute pictures or on-brand content…but I feel a little better. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. 
Let me know if you have any similar experiences with recurring injuries, if you have anyone you swear by in Chicago, etc. 
I love you all for tuning in, 


Back At It

37258222_10160420905015447_9036367975375962112_nHi my loves,
I barely know where to start with this one, so lets just keep it short and sweet: I haven’t blogged in months, due mostly to life, in all it’s glory, taking a front seat.
What’s new:
*WE GOT ENGAGED! In Venice, on a dock, looking out at the Rialto, so my life is essentially complete. Cue tears.
*We traveled to 10 countries in 25 days, by plane, train, automobile and our own two tired feet.
*I chopped all (okay just a large portion of) my hair off, and feel wild and free every day. And use a lot less conditioner.
*I took a conscious break from auditioning to refocus my intention as a performer and person. This is still a work in progress, and I’ll probably touch on this more in a future post.
*I started my own LLC and still have NO CLUE what I’m doing. But it’s going to be great, just great, just you wait and see.
*And finally: I’ve decided to come back to blogging, thanks to encouragement from my lovely fiancé, who genuinely believes in me and thinks I have a voice that should be heard by fellow artists and movers and groovers, and is also likely tired of being my only source to vent upon. Love ya babe.

Some topics I plan to blog about next, let me know what I should blab about first:

A) My favorite fitness classes in Chicago.
B) My go-to forms of physical and mental self-care, i.e. yoga, massage, cupping, yada yada.
C) Audition and casting etiquette.
D) Dealing with rejection in an industry that gives no closure or feedback.
E) Wedding panic, I mean planning.
Comment below if there’s anyone still out there?!
All my love,


In 24 hours time, my boyfriend Rob and I board a plane from Chicago to Amsterdam, to kick off a 5 week long Euro-trip of a lifetime.

25 days out of those 5 weeks will be spent backpacking: Amsterdam > Paris > Venice (break for a 12-day cruise during which time we will have a shared suitcase being brought to us from the states) Rome > Reggio Calabria > Florence > Barcelona > Lake Como > London > Iceland.

We hope to not have to pay for luggage on any of our flights during the backpacking portion, so after much trial and error here’s what we’ve come up with.

General TSA regulations for the budget airlines we’ll be flying permit one personal item, 10 by 13 by 17, no more than 22lbs. We are pushing this a bit, but crossing our fingers and hoping some clever hacks will keep us from having to pay.

Each of our backpacks slightly exceed regulation size, but won’t be fully filled, and have some  drawstrings and such that will make them look smaller, and allow them to squish into the bins if needed. We will also be carrying low-profile fanny packs under our clothes for personal items, and always wearing layers and our heaviest shoes in the airports as needed.

Here are some pictures: the bag is fully packed with all the items below. It’s amazing how much you can fit if you pack smart.

List of clothes:

  • 8 pair underwear
  • 2 lightweight sport bras / bralettes
  • 8 pair socks
  • rubber flip-flops
  • 3 pair shorts
  • 2 pair leggings
  • 4 tops
  • 2 hats
  • solid tennis shoes for walking
  • 1 romper
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 dress
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 cover up
  • 1 lightweight windbreaker type jacket, mine is from Carbon38

List of toiletries:

  • folding toothbrush
  • 2 mini flosses
  • handful of floss picks
  • 2 mini toothpastes
  • mini folding hairbrush
  • full size deodorant
  • sunblock sectioned into TSA-sized container
  • shampoo sectioned into TSA-sized container
  • conditioner sectioned into TSA-sized container
  • razor
  • couple tampons
  • hair ties

List of makeup:

  • mini mascara
  • full size brow pencil
  • full size brow gel
  • full size concealer
  • foundation sample
  • powder sample
  • lip balm
  • one full size lipstick
  • one mini lipstick
  • face halo


  • phone
  • charger
  • outlet converter kit
  • Polaroid camera
  • one pack of film
  • headphones
  • travel journal + pen
  • folder containing print outs of all boarding passes, directions, contact info, etc
  • passport
  • 25 euro saved from last trip
  • microfiber towels that fold up super tiny and clip onto our backpacks – 2 sizes
  • similarly designed shopping bag, folds up smaller than an iPhone
  • empty water bottle
  • sunglasses
  • low profile fanny pack, also from Carbon38

General Packing Hacks:

  1. Keep everything organized in the main pocket of your backpack by stacking like-items, i.e. shorts together, tops together, etc, and folding them over then rolling into little sushi rolls and packing side by side to leave room for souvenirs, camera, etc on top.
  2. Keep passport either on your person at all times in a safe, hidden zipper pocket like that in a fanny pack (what I’m doing), or in a hidden pocket in your backpack.
  3. Pack toiletries and makeup in an easily accessible space, like the front pocket, for easy access whenever you need a quick airport/train station touch-up.
  4. Pack a bag within your bag to separate dirty from clean clothes until you can reach a laundromat.
  5. Plan on doing laundry about once per week. We have 25 days of actual living-out-of-a-backpack planned, so we’ve packed generously for about 8 days worth of traveling, knowing we can re-wear certain things, hand-wash undies and socks if it comes down to it, etc.
  6. Do an initial pack, and then see where you can scale back. If you can’t justify bringing that 7th top, don’t. Keep in mind you’re traveling light and will likely want to buy some goodies on your way, so keep it simple.
  7. Wear as much as possible in the airport to make your bag look less stuffed. Wear your larger clothing, heavier shoes, hat, tie that jacket around your waist, just remember to take everything off going through security.
  8. Beauty thoughts: pick and choose wisely. I’m choosing to do my brows and maybe throw on some mascara and lipstick each day. I want to look cute in travel pics but also don’t want to waste precious time primping each morning. I decided to skip the foundation, eyeshadow, etc.
  9. Share space with your travel buddy. Working on a cruise ship we had a very strict 50 lb limit traveling home, or pay for the overage charges. By the time we got through immigration, everyone’s belonging’s were in everyone else’s suitcase, but we made it work. Same rules apply. Share that space.
  10. Function over fashion. We all want to be cute on vaca, but pack for practicality’s sake, you’ll thank me later.
  11. Use the outside of your bag as well. Hats with adjustable backs, anything with a carabiner, etc, can be clipped onto the outside of your bag for easy access and to save inside space.
  12. Pack as many multi-use garments as possible. For example, tops with built-in bras, a maxi skirt that doubles as a dress, a beach cover up that can be thrown over shoulders for sun protection or in cathedrals with dress codes, etc.

Did I forget anything?! Let me know in the comments below.

I have no affiliation with any of the linked items, just love the products, aside from Carbon38. If you do shop Carbon38, use my code KATIEMCG for 25% off your order.

Thanks for tuning in guys! I’ll do my best to keep updating this page as we travel!

XO, Katie




Not a beauty blogger


Hello friends and welcome back!
I’m doing my best to get into a more structured posting schedule with this lil’ baby blog of mine. To those of you that keep tuning in despite my haphazard posting, I appreciate you more than you know!
Today I want to chat about some of my favorite beauty and wellness products. Like the title suggests, I am *not* a beauty blogger, as in some days simply taking my makeup off before bed is a big victory in itself, amiright?
However, these products have all won my stamp of approval because they’re either no fuss, multi-use, or both! Let’s dive right in:
Lush lip scrub. It’s lush, guys, need I say more? I really love this scrub because I have perpetually dry lips but also love matte liquid lipstick…which we all know can look terrible on said dry lips. Quick scrub with this baby, lick off the excess, balm on top, finish doing the rest of my face while the balm soaks in, wipe it off, liquid lip on top – Lipstick never looked better. It also tastes like bubblegum, so.
Speaking of lips, let’s talk adorable packaging and the perfect deep red for every skin tone. This Jack n’ Coke Lipstick delivers great color payoff, a really creamy formula, (I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality: on par with lipsticks that retail for triple) and is really worth buying for the novelty alone. So stinking cute.
Another lush favorite: solid lotion, AKA Wiccy Magic Muscles. I’ve never been a big lotion girl, as I often find with dance, excercise, etc, that the lotion doesn’t really soak in, and once you work up a sweat, it’s a slip ‘n slide situation that nobody signed up for. Enter our hero, the solid lotion bar. I apply this one right out of the shower: it has a cooling effect for sore muscles and the little coffee beans provide a nice massage. Skin drinks it up and I never feel slimey.
Next up, this magical little bath bomb from Magpie. I absolutely love discovering new indie brands, especially when they’re ran by fellow female entrepreneurs. This almond bath bomb smelled amazing, was super soothing, and had a surprise inside! Check out Magpie’s full line of products, including donut, emoji, rainbow bath bombs…you name it: here.
Alright, the next two: Goddess Rose Mask (far left) and Happy Face Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (bottom right) are the best MudbuM products I’ve found to date.
The Goddess Rose Mask was a gift from my lovely bosses. It comes in a powdered form which allows you to mix with your choice of honey, milk, or water, and tailor the ratios to what your skin needs that day. Its both purifying and moisturizing, and has a nice texture that allows for a little extra exfoliation when I rinse it off. Available in-store at MudbuM.
The Happy Face Sensitive Skin Moisturizer wins this entire blog post. If I could only keep one of these products, Happy Face would be it, no questions asked. It’s an entirely oil-based moisturizer, which typically makes me wary with my combination skin, but it’s deeply moisturizing without being heavy, and the lemongrass scent is delicious. It keeps my skin glowing and balanced all day long and is the perfect base for foundation to prevent that cakey look. It was also purchased through MudbuM, but I’ve also found their Etsy site, HappyFaceBeauty and am so excited to check out the whole line. Once I run out, I plan on buying this facial set to try out all their products.
Sticking with the skincare theme, next up we have this little gem from Embyrolisse. I’m linking the full sized product. What I believe I have here is a sample, gifted from one of my fav MUA’s…heyyyy Aga! which I cannot find online, and is a shame because I love the dual purpose of this product. (I’ll update this post ASAP if I can find this specific product.) Anywho, the moisturizer itself is lovely, a little heavier than Happy Face, perfect for Fall and Winter, and the best part: the top of the cap screws off to reveal a shimmery lip balm, how brilliant is that?
LAST BUT NOT LEAST: my Indigo Rollerball by Nest. The scents I typically gravitate towards are floral and sweet, and while Indigo has those elements it also has some really spicy notes that make it different than anything else I own. It’s the perfect size to throw in a clutch for a night out, and once again, I’m a sucker for the beautiful packaging.
Alright, that’s all for now folks. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products in the comments below, and let me know if you’d like to hear more product reviews in the future!
Disclaimer: some of these products were gifted and some were given for testing purposes (Jack n’ Coke Lipstick + Almond Bath Bomb). I was not paid for any of these reviews. 😉






Every Day is Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day! Anyone else feel like these holidays didn’t really exist before the advent of Facebook? Just me?
Regardless, I really am so happy today is International Women’s Day. I’m so grateful I work in a career where women are at the forefront and continually pushing to new heights. I don’t take lightly my responsibility to raise up the next generation of women to be persistent, powerful, and committed: to both their art and the boundaries they choose to establish as an artist. This is SO IMPORTANT.
As much as the dance and modeling world is dominated by female talent, the people hiring us…and behind the casting table…and those deciding how much we get paid are often still majority male and that can create a disconnect in how we’re treated and perceived. Let’s be clear though, I don’t want to storm the castle walls and replace all the men, I just want, I’m going to go ahead and speak for all women here: WE just want equality. What a concept. (And let’s not forget that this equality needs to include women of all colors and backgrounds, non gender conforming individuals, and members of the LGBTQ community, to really be equality, but that’s another post for another day.)
In an industry that far too often takes the attitude of “100 girls would kill to be where you are” to push you out of your comfort zones and not in a healthy way, I want my students (and my peers for that matter) to be able to stand strong in what they are and aren’t okay with on set.
Some of my go-to phrases are:
“No, I’m not okay with that.”
”We need a quick sidebar please, because this wasn’t discussed in any of our previous conversations.”
”What’s our timeline? Let me know if we need to discuss overtime rates.”
Tone and delivery are key of course, but if more women practice asserting themselves in this manner when necessary, we can ALL work together to dispel the rediuclous myth that women who do assert themselves in the workplace are “difficult to work with”.
Kick some ass today ladies. And don’t apologize.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
XO, Katie