Not a beauty blogger


Hello friends and welcome back!
I’m doing my best to get into a more structured posting schedule with this lil’ baby blog of mine. To those of you that keep tuning in despite my haphazard posting, I appreciate you more than you know!
Today I want to chat about some of my favorite beauty and wellness products. Like the title suggests, I am *not* a beauty blogger, as in some days simply taking my makeup off before bed is a big victory in itself, amiright?
However, these products have all won my stamp of approval because they’re either no fuss, multi-use, or both! Let’s dive right in:
Lush lip scrub. It’s lush, guys, need I say more? I really love this scrub because I have perpetually dry lips but also love matte liquid lipstick…which we all know can look terrible on said dry lips. Quick scrub with this baby, lick off the excess, balm on top, finish doing the rest of my face while the balm soaks in, wipe it off, liquid lip on top – Lipstick never looked better. It also tastes like bubblegum, so.
Speaking of lips, let’s talk adorable packaging and the perfect deep red for every skin tone. This Jack n’ Coke Lipstick delivers great color payoff, a really creamy formula, (I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality: on par with lipsticks that retail for triple) and is really worth buying for the novelty alone. So stinking cute.
Another lush favorite: solid lotion, AKA Wiccy Magic Muscles. I’ve never been a big lotion girl, as I often find with dance, excercise, etc, that the lotion doesn’t really soak in, and once you work up a sweat, it’s a slip ‘n slide situation that nobody signed up for. Enter our hero, the solid lotion bar. I apply this one right out of the shower: it has a cooling effect for sore muscles and the little coffee beans provide a nice massage. Skin drinks it up and I never feel slimey.
Next up, this magical little bath bomb from Magpie. I absolutely love discovering new indie brands, especially when they’re ran by fellow female entrepreneurs. This almond bath bomb smelled amazing, was super soothing, and had a surprise inside! Check out Magpie’s full line of products, including donut, emoji, rainbow bath bombs…you name it: here.
Alright, the next two: Goddess Rose Mask (far left) and Happy Face Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (bottom right) are the best MudbuM products I’ve found to date.
The Goddess Rose Mask was a gift from my lovely bosses. It comes in a powdered form which allows you to mix with your choice of honey, milk, or water, and tailor the ratios to what your skin needs that day. Its both purifying and moisturizing, and has a nice texture that allows for a little extra exfoliation when I rinse it off. Available in-store at MudbuM.
The Happy Face Sensitive Skin Moisturizer wins this entire blog post. If I could only keep one of these products, Happy Face would be it, no questions asked. It’s an entirely oil-based moisturizer, which typically makes me wary with my combination skin, but it’s deeply moisturizing without being heavy, and the lemongrass scent is delicious. It keeps my skin glowing and balanced all day long and is the perfect base for foundation to prevent that cakey look. It was also purchased through MudbuM, but I’ve also found their Etsy site, HappyFaceBeauty and am so excited to check out the whole line. Once I run out, I plan on buying this facial set to try out all their products.
Sticking with the skincare theme, next up we have this little gem from Embyrolisse. I’m linking the full sized product. What I believe I have here is a sample, gifted from one of my fav MUA’s…heyyyy Aga! which I cannot find online, and is a shame because I love the dual purpose of this product. (I’ll update this post ASAP if I can find this specific product.) Anywho, the moisturizer itself is lovely, a little heavier than Happy Face, perfect for Fall and Winter, and the best part: the top of the cap screws off to reveal a shimmery lip balm, how brilliant is that?
LAST BUT NOT LEAST: my Indigo Rollerball by Nest. The scents I typically gravitate towards are floral and sweet, and while Indigo has those elements it also has some really spicy notes that make it different than anything else I own. It’s the perfect size to throw in a clutch for a night out, and once again, I’m a sucker for the beautiful packaging.
Alright, that’s all for now folks. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products in the comments below, and let me know if you’d like to hear more product reviews in the future!
Disclaimer: some of these products were gifted and some were given for testing purposes (Jack n’ Coke Lipstick + Almond Bath Bomb). I was not paid for any of these reviews. 😉






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