Back At It

37258222_10160420905015447_9036367975375962112_nHi my loves,
I barely know where to start with this one, so lets just keep it short and sweet: I haven’t blogged in months, due mostly to life, in all it’s glory, taking a front seat.
What’s new:
*WE GOT ENGAGED! In Venice, on a dock, looking out at the Rialto, so my life is essentially complete. Cue tears.
*We traveled to 10 countries in 25 days, by plane, train, automobile and our own two tired feet.
*I chopped all (okay just a large portion of) my hair off, and feel wild and free every day. And use a lot less conditioner.
*I took a conscious break from auditioning to refocus my intention as a performer and person. This is still a work in progress, and I’ll probably touch on this more in a future post.
*I started my own LLC and still have NO CLUE what I’m doing. But it’s going to be great, just great, just you wait and see.
*And finally: I’ve decided to come back to blogging, thanks to encouragement from my lovely fiancé, who genuinely believes in me and thinks I have a voice that should be heard by fellow artists and movers and groovers, and is also likely tired of being my only source to vent upon. Love ya babe.

Some topics I plan to blog about next, let me know what I should blab about first:

A) My favorite fitness classes in Chicago.
B) My go-to forms of physical and mental self-care, i.e. yoga, massage, cupping, yada yada.
C) Audition and casting etiquette.
D) Dealing with rejection in an industry that gives no closure or feedback.
E) Wedding panic, I mean planning.
Comment below if there’s anyone still out there?!
All my love,

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