19 Goals in 2019

I rang in 2019 in on the job, in full feathers and lashes, holding hands with three of my beautiful gal pals, and as the confetti rained down we all looked at each other and had one of those sweet moments, where you know your brain is locking in a memory you’ll have forever.
It’s gonna be a great year you guys.
I’ve had a couple days to kick back, relax, and reflect, and I’ve finally finished up my 19 goals in 2019.
Some are easy, little things, some are already proving to be a challenge, but they’re all things I KNOW I’m fully capable of, and things that I know will make me a better me.
  1. No more clothing shopping (online shopping is a particular weakness of mine), unless it’s something I specifically need for a gig and cannot borrow, until my birthday on June 29th, at which point I’m treating myself to a shopping trip as a reward. I’ve always leaned on retail therapy for little pick-me-ups and therefore have way too many things I don’t wear, or even forget I have, and want to work towards a wardrobe I truly fully utilize.
  2. I’m giving up hard liquor for the month of January. I’m not a big drinker in general, and thus have never made it a point to cut back on my consumption, but do find that I lean towards cocktails over wine when I’m out, and that the added sugar and added calories when I eat bigger snacks to make sure I’m not “drinking on an empty stomach” all add up and take me farther from my fitness goals. I’m going to start with a month and possibly continue from there, seeing how I feel.
  3. Do more, think less. When I get caught in overwhelming “I am a sham, my career is a sham, what am I doing” spirals, I’m going to be more accountable about shaking myself out of these unhelpful thought patterns, whether that means going to yoga, writing in my blog, or just physically shaking it off, turning on some music, going for a walk…whatever it takes. 
  4. In the same vein: share more, scroll less. There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful networking and marketing tool, and that my career is supported by it. However, like so many of us, I often find myself endlessly scrolling, comparing, and settling into thoughts that don’t serve me at all. New game plan: share something cute, put the phone down, walk away, go LIVE the life I post about.
  5. Stretch EVERY DAY – with specific focus on my back and neck, to get back to a place where I feel whole in my body, and hopefully start to chip away at my recurring back injury.  I can do this.
  6. Support the arts more. My relationship with dance has been strained for a long time, and while I plan to work on that more as well, even when I’m not feeling emotionally ready to go to a dance class, I can still support my friends, go to shows, and stay involved in a community that has taught me so much, that I owe so much.
  7. Find the fun in dance again. I’m going to go out of my way to find classes that make me feel whole, happy and inspired again. That may mean starting from scratch and taking beginner classes, or taking with a new instructor, or at an ‘off the beaten path’ studio, but I’m going to find the love. It’s out there somewhere. 
  8. Keep a more organized planner. I swear by a paper planner, and this year is no exception, but I often find that as the year goes on, I write my appointments more haphazardly, cross things out, over-crowd the pages, and all of that really does make my weeks look more stressful and full than they are. I’m going to be more mindful about slowly writing things in my planner, keeping it neat, and keeping it inspiring and uplifting as the year goes on. 
  9. Tell my friends I love them more. 
  10. Spend more time with friends. Make an effort, and be the first to reach out.
  11. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, every morning, before consuming anything else. 
  12. Eat breakfast every day, before noon. Coffee doesn’t count. 
  13. Create a monthly budget and put at least $100 in savings every month. (I’m admittedly not a great saver, so I’m starting with a goal I think I can reach.)
  14. Get better quality sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day isn’t realistic for me, but I’m going to decide on an in-bed-at-the-latest time each day, and stick to it, turning off TV, phone, and any other distractions. I’m writing this blog post at 12:42am, so this one is a work in progress. *Insert shrug emoji.*
  15. Take care of what I have. Carwashes, taking nice things to the dry cleaners, keeping the house fresh. Little things to continue to remind myself how lucky I am, how abundant my world is, and that I don’t need any more. 
  16. Take pictures even when I don’t feel like it – when I feel out of shape, or think my makeup looks like crap – I’m going to document these moments anyways. Everything always looks better in hindsight, and the memories are precious.
  17. Demonstrate aerial tricks on BOTH sides equally when teaching. Balance is key.
  18. Track food in the My Fitness Pal app. I started doing this towards the end of 2018 but completely fell off during the holidays, which is okay!
  19. FOLD MY LAUNDRY AND PUT IT AWAY IN ACTUAL DRAWERS INSTEAD OF JUST LIVING OUT OF A LAUNDRY BASKET OF CLEAN CLOTHES 24/7. I am human…and I am a complete mess when it comes to this, BUT going back to goal number 1, less new clothes = less to organize. I got this.
That’s a wrap! I want to know some of your 2019 goals.
I really truly do. You don’t need 19…one or two will do.
Let me know in the comments below! XO, Katie

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