Sometimes vacationing is all sunsets, beaches, and nice dinners…sometimes it’s you and your significant other simultaneously getting food poisoning/a flu bug/we’re still really unclear at this point, and spending hours laid up in the hotel room. (I bring you honesty folks, not glamour.)
In our most recent trip to the Dominican Republic, it was a little of both, BUT it was also full of adventure, new experiences, and much needed time to disconnect, reconnect, and wind down from the daily hustle.
A memory I will keep dear to my heart forever is the hike through Scape Park at Cap Cana: seeing snakes, lizards, fluorescent caterpillars, some of the most beautiful plant life…before finally jumping into the crystal clear waters of #HoyoAzul, or Blue Hole, which gets it’s turquoise blue color from mineral deposits in the natural spring.
It’s a ‘must-go’ in my book as far as the Dominican Republic is concerned.
Something we pride ourselves on above all is “why” we travel.
Alexander Sattler says “I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it.”
I truly believe broadening my horizons via travel gives me the tools to walk through life a more intelligent, compassionate, and empathetic person. It’s also fun and indulgent and spontaneously hopping on a plane is the best stress-management technique I’ve found thus far.
As a freelance artist, the idea of affording travel can be daunting, both because our paychecks can be so unpredictable and because PTO, vacation days, etc, do not exist in our world.
So here are ten quick tips I’ve come up with for the ambitious yet budget-conscious traveler:
  1. Put it on your tab. Seriously: I know everyone has this massive and often very valid fear of going in to debt, but when you believe in your art you believe the money will come. Just don’t book trip 2 while you’re still paying off trip 1. 
  2. Let go of the little luxuries. Check out Frontier, WOW, and RyanAir. Bring a comfy pillow and knock out on the flight, it’s worth saving the $100+, I promise. 
  3. Set aside actual cash money in a piggybank or similar, and make it so habitual that by the time your trip comes. you have a nice chunk of change ready to be your ‘spending money’. 
  4. Research the best travel credit card for your needs and use. that. bad. boy. I’m in the process of comparing Venture by Capital One to Chase Sapphire Reserve. I’ll keep you updated
  5. CHANGE. JAR. 4 large mason jars full of change equal $500+, we turned that in earlier this year and applied to funds straight to our travels. 
  6. Bulk up your work schedule before and after the trip: having a check come in right before you leave, or right after you arrive home can alleviate some financial stress. 
  7. Explore AirBnb’s, hostels, couch-surfing, and other less conventional forms of housing. Better yet, hop on a red-eye and replace a night’s stay with an overnight commute.
  8. Pack light, no one cares if you re-wear pieces on vacation. Consolidate a suitcase with your travel partner and avoid extra fees. 
  9. Plan ahead: check out Black Friday deals (how we booked the Dominican), and follow your desired flights on Hopper or similar apps. We found flights from Chicago to Amsterdam for $229 by tracking the flights and booking 6 months in advance. 
  10. Don’t limit your travel to peak season. The majority of the Caribbean for example is 80 and sunny even in the off season, and can be booked for 50% less during those slower months. Just make sure to do your research first. 😉 
Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll share all the amazing small business owners I had the pleasure of partnering with on this last trip.
Where have you been that took your breath away?
What’s a destination on your bucket list?
Let me know in the comments, and thank you as always for being a part of this journey!
XO, Katie








Plan, Baby, Plan


Anyone who knows me, knows I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with planners: I cannot, will not, do not function without my planner.
Thankfully, this girl has found the queen of all planners in the Law of Attraction Planner, and you can find it here on Amazon.
Why I’m in love:
  1. Built in space for a vision board (pictured), detailed goal mapping, and a life-statement to set for the year.
  2. Top to bottom, column format, to list your day from beginning to end.
  3. Space to set a daily goal, and top 3 priorities.
  4. Durable cover, eco & vegan friendly materials, built in bookmark to keep track of where you are.
  5. Storage in the back for adorable included stickers.
  6. Pull-out map to list all your travel goals.
  7. Monthly re-cap (full two pages) to chart everything from exercise, to emotional well-being, to financial goals.
  8. Two full pages of idea/note space after each monthly recap.
If you tuned into my last post, my New Years Resolution this year is accountability, to myself, my goals (ever-changing as they may be)…and this planner allows me to do just that, with the satisfaction of writing things down, crossing them off my list, and keeps everything beautifully organized.
Do you keep a planner? Have a fav?
Let me know in the comments!
XO, Katie


Cheers to a New Year

Last year, as the clock struck midnight, I rang in the New Year on the deck of the Norwegian Jade, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a cast of friends that had been total strangers just 4 months prior.
So much has changed since then. After completing my dream job, I got back to the states, hit the ground running, auditioning like crazy. I got a callback for Hamilton. My boyfriend and I traveled, I vowed to make all my income off of gigs alone…I had a lot of really great ideas about how life should and was going to be.
Some pretty fantastic things did happen in 2017. I had my face on billboards and two magazine covers. I got a callback for my (next) dream job not once but twice. I am learning to celebrate these things, and own these things.
I’m learning to be my own best friend and number one fan, but to be honest it’s incredibly hard for me and always has been. I’ve always suffered from the “not good enough” syndrome. Instead of celebrating and reveling in the achievement of a goal or milestone, I’m immediately looking to see what’s next. I’m telling myself “it’s about damn time”, instead of “I’m so proud of you.” I spend too much time comparing myself to others. I let other people’s success translate into ‘my failure’.
My resolutions this year are to be accountable, to accept where I am in my career and life, to analyze why I am there, and to take physical, tangible steps towards improving my situation. Every day. To be honest with myself when I feel disappointed or defeated. To treat my career and my personal well-being like that of a friends. To let go of all the “should have’s”…should have moved to LA…should have booked this…should have done that. To recognize that all of those “should have’s” are just my insecurities manifesting themselves, and me thinking that someone else’s timeline or path is somehow the ideal. It’s not.
I am me. My journey is mine and no one else’s. I struggle like everyone else, I hurt, I’m hard on myself…but I’ve also done some incredible things…and I have so many incredible things ahead.
What are your resolutions? What do you want to leave behind in 2017?
Let me know in the comments. Cheers everyone! XO, Katie




Making Your Art Work for You

Post two, welcome back!
Today I want to talk about something weighing especially heavy on my mind with the holiday season upon us, and that’s how to earn a comfortable living while staying true to your art. It’s possible, I promise.
I know a lot of us read those clickbait articles titled ‘100 ways to save’, or ’50 legal ways to make money from home’…and while some of these articles may contain a few useful tidbits, I would argue that downloading survey apps or depriving yourself Starbucks won’t make much of a difference in the long run, other than making you cranky.
As obvious as it might seem, I’ve found that increasing your sources of income, (AKA: booking more gigs!) while decreasing your extraneous spending (creatively! —> this will be the subject of my next post) will allow you to work towards your financial goals without getting off-track artistically.
(In other words, NO, you don’t have to get that part-time “real job” to survive as an artist.)
Increasing your sources of income by getting booked more…let’s get started:
I get messages from time to time from my peers, asking, in short: “how do you book your gigs?”
I can offer plenty of advice and casting resources and that’s typically what I do…however, what I think ultimately sets you apart is your approach, sometimes it’s just as much about “how” we do what we do, so that’s what I want to talk about here:
Patience + persistence + communication.
Understand that finding work in your field may be difficult, but is not impossible.
Set aside at least 30 minutes per day to look for new gigs or employment opportunities. For me this is the first thing I do each morning: I make my coffee, curl up on my couch, and apply for as many castings as I can before getting my day started. Devote daily and weekly time to marketing yourself and your art, and accept that it may take weeks or months to start seeing this effort pay off. Remember that so much of casting is determined by factors completely out of your control, like height, ethnicity, and body type. These factors can cost you jobs but can just as well land you jobs. Don’t try to change the industry, change how you move through it.
People will forget about you, if you don’t remind them. Show up to auditions in-person as often as you can. Keep showing up after rejection, again and again, even when it makes you feel crazy. Reach out to former employers as well as those you hope to work with, on a quarterly basis, every 3-4 months or so, as you deem appropriate, to share your availability, and update your headshot and resume. Update your social media, portfolios, or website religiously, and with quality content.
Remember that everyone you work with or hope to work with is human first. Be direct in stating your intentions and asking for what you want, but keep in mind: fostering a relationship is the best way to increase your chances of being re-hired. Even in the most formal communications, pleasantries like, “I hope you are well and enjoying this nice weather.”, or “Thanks very much for your time and consideration.” go a LONG way. Send quick, sincere thank-you emails after every gig. If your agent or a friend lands you a particularly great gig, a hand-written note or gift basket is a nice touch as well. Take care of your people and they will take care of you.
What goes around comes around, right?
So…while you’re waiting for this new approach to start working its magic for you, how do you pay the bills that were due yesterday? Pick up classes or apply for work-study opportunities at your local studios, look for background talent opportunities, babysit, be a dog-walker, sell the things you don’t wear or use anymore on eBay, Poshmark or Offer Up, cash in all your spare change…nothing wrong with a side hustle or two, as long as it doesn’t distract from your big-picture goals!
Thanks so much for tuning back in friends, it means the world to me!
Have a question? Want to chat more about any of the ideas I touched on today? Have feedback for me?
Click ‘CONTACT’ and let me know!
XO, Katie


Hi! Welcome, and THANK YOU for dropping in.
If you’re reading this we most likely have a real-life connection that lead you over to this little corner of the web I now call Thank you for indulging me in this new endeavor.
I’m so glad you’re here.
If you don’t know me, a little background: My passion and one true love, most days, is dance. I started dancing later in life than most, taking my first class at 12, gaining access to quality training at 14, and as an adult I still sometimes feel like I’m playing catch up. The dance world has opened some amazing doors, and connected me to some of the best people I know. The dance world can also be an unforgiving, frustrating, and at times a really lonely place. (If you can’t tell, I’m going through a dance rut, but that’s another post for another day and I PROMISE it won’t be a total downer.) One of the doors dance has opened for me is modeling, which is funny and fantastic because I’m 5’5″, athletic, curvy, and do not fit into sample sizes, BUT I’m doing the damn thing and I’m excited to see where it goes and what boundaries I can continue to push. Dance has also lead me to fall in love with the aerial arts, fitness, health, and cute athleisure wear, all of which I’m trying to put my own stamp on and shape into my brand.
It’s a work in progress. Aren’t we all?
So why am I blogging?
My intention is to share an honest look into the life of a freelance artist: the ups, downs, victories, struggles, and hopefully, humbly, impart a little wisdom along the way: things I’ve learned and am continuing to learn about the industry, how to create a work-life balance, and how to market yourself effectively.
I want to connect to people like me, and create a community for myself and others to bounce ideas, share, and vent. I also started this blog to create accountability for myself: a place where I can express, reflect, and keep track of my progress.
Why “”?
The idea for the name was born out of awkward introductions and small talk, and my total inability to answer the question “So, what do you do?” because, most of the time, I DON’T HAVE A BLOODY CLUE WHAT I’M DOING.
Now, at least, when people ask me, I can say, “..uhm, I’m still unclear, but I have a blog about it! Please read.”
Thanks so much for tuning in my loves! Next couple posts I have planned will be more substantial, and will each have their own theme. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment: gimme some feedback, or ask me a question below. 
I hope your weekend is magical! XO, Katie